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  • How to create a reliable power team
  • Deal & lead generation
  • Marketing and negotiation techniques
  • The buying process
  • Sourcing and packaging property deals
  • Finding the finance
  • Avoiding the pitfalls
  • Creating your personal strategic business plan
  • Mastering the mindset to achieve

Those wishing to progress with their property investing careers further will be invited to join all speakers at an informal networking event at the close of the day.

Athletics and property investment?


We knew that our athletics careers weren't for life and after we retired we had to look for something to give us financial stability. We started motivational speaking and business coaching together and Steve had already become involved in property in 1989. Whilst he made some mistakes along the way, we did realise that our determination and mental strength perfected over our sporting careers could serve us and our investments well. We were introduced to Legacy Education and had a brainwave! We could combine our business coaching with teaching people how they could succeed in property investment! Then we could use our skills to not only help ourselves but help others too. We went and got properly trained ourselves and thanks to Legacy we have gone on to build a property investment business. Our story goes to show how ANYONE can become a successful property investor!


Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe

Dr Ro has devoted 30 years to training and inspiring audiences in the fields of communication, professional and personal development, property investing and wealth creation. For those seeking a new start or a new chapter in life, love and finance, Dr Ro is the man to help you pick up your pen and start writing the first page.

Roger Frampton

Roger Frampton

Roger Frampton is a Movement Coach specialising in functional performance, and the creator of the Frampton Method as featured in; The Sunday Times, Grazia, Esquire, Elle, Men's Health and GQ. Viewed over 2 million times, Roger's TED Talk, 'Why Sitting Down Destroys You', explores his theory that modern sedentary office life has created a myriad of problems for people's strength and flexibility. His book, 'The Flexible Body', offers mindful movement solutions to do at home and has been an Amazon bestseller since it was published in January this year.

Mark Dalton

Mark Dalton

Self-made millionaire and entrepreneur Mark will share his Ten Ways to Fund and Find the Deals.

Rob Tuck

Rob Tuck

Prolific property investor and trainer Rob shows strategies guaranteed to beat the competition.

Rick Walton

Rick Walton

Business owner Rick explains how he helped Steve and Roger find an ideal property, and turn it into a House of Multiple Occupation.

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We weren't alone in being impressed, here's what some of their other students have to say about Legacy Education

Josh & Rachelle Ahmet

Jeffrey Moore

Martin Davies

With seven major championship Gold medals, three world records, and as the only British athlete to have won three consecutive Olympic medals, Steve finally hung up his javelin at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, showing he was still one of the best in the world at the age of 35 — an impressive feat when you remember he was world ranked number one as a 20 year old.

Steve was one of Great Britain's most consistent and popular athletes and established himself as one of the all-time greats in his sport. He was ranked as one of the best in the world every year from 1989 to 2004 and joins only a handful of British athletes ever to have been awarded the 'World Athlete of the Year' title by the sport's governing body, the IAAF.

Today Steve is a renowned motivational speaker and a key sports commentator.

"I made mistakes when I first started out as a property investor. Frustratingly, these were expensive and could have been avoided, had I been taught the correct knowledge and tools. Perform in Property can teach you tried and tested investment techniques and provide you with the right skills to take control of your future and help you live the life you always dreamed of." Steve Backley

For 14 years Roger represented Great Britain at the highest level in the world of athletics, both as an individual 400 metre runner and as a member of the 4x400 metre relay team.

He won 15 major championship medals including European, Commonwealth and World Championship Gold medals. His greatest achievement was winning the Olympic 400 metre silver medal in 1996 and he is particularly admired for his triumph over adversity, successfully overcoming several serious injuries and setbacks throughout his career.

He understands the dynamics of becoming a champion — how to dream a dream, set goals and take the necessary steps to fulfilling one's potential. By combining his close understanding of motivation both on and off the track he consistently inspires, motivates and entertains audiences throughout the country and is also a popular television personality. He has been Men's Team Captain for Great Britain and in 1992 was awarded with an MBE.

"Really understanding 'What you want' and 'Why you want it' are integral to success. Perform in Property will help you to design these and then go on to fulfil them in a way that is right for you and your property investment path." Roger Black